ANYSEXDOLL.COM 140cm Angel love dollhttpanysexdoll.comEMail infoanysexdoll.comThis is a showcase of our 140cm sex doll. Please visit our website for more httpanysexdoll.comHD We Dont Be Scammed Buying A Sex DollThe silicone world can be cruel so dont be fooled by some websites that have fancy looking dolls at very cheap prices because 60 of the time you will receive something that looks like a monkey that you fill with air and some cases receive nothing at alltrust me its very frustrating.There are so many fake websites out there so dont get scammed and become a victim of a fake doll sites and receive a cheap and nasty imitation doll with fake reviews.All our reviews go through to a review company called Yotpo which means when someone submits a review to our website it will not come to us at all it stays on the Yotpo platform which means that the review cannot be manipulated or changed in any way so yes all our reviews are genuine. Silicone Sex Doll City have put so much work into our dolls and show room that is the reason why we 465cams.comALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reproduction in any form is forbidden.Copyright 20112018 TheDollHouseUse our new Doll Builder pages to construct a doll to your specificationsThe Best Black Dolls on the WebCheck out new DollFrance Exclusive CheyenneNew YLDolls Kasandra LeslieBy accessing this site you declare that you are of majority age in your country and legally allowed to view content that implies nudity in a potentially sexual manner.TheDollHouse is a retailer of Premium quality photorealistic kinaesthetically convincing highend luxury sex dolls with whichto fulfilany whims you may have.Please find a variety of dolls on sale from some of the finest manufacturers of Love dollsSex dollsCLM DollsPeruse a selection of individualheads bodieshaireyesskin colour nails and accessories to assist with your doll experience.All images used throughout the site are of the dolls for sale and all positions seen within the imagery are achieved with ease with Please be aware that there are many unscrupulous dealers of socalled TPE andor Silicone Sex Dolls who steal the imagery from the above manufacturers in order to advertise what looks like a real Love DollSex Doll.These companies such as those found at Shopoza Ovdollwill then eitherSupply you with a fake substandard copy of the advertised dollSupply you with a doll t This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on 28 Aug 2017 Notice 163cm Kim Premium Love Doll Full Body Female Mannequin Vagina Anal Oral Masturbation for MenMinimum PurchaseLet you enjoy more exciting than reality.3D 100 medical grade solid TPE with reinforced core for durabilityVagina simulation projections continue to stimulate your Gspot penis giving you unlimited pleasureTop quality full size doll with huge breastsBody measurementsVagina diameter 25 cmAnal depth 195 cmAnal diameter 2 cm1 Cleaning PotProduct ReviewsAlles Super gerne wiederAlles Super gerne wiederPosted by rudolf on 15th Jun 2018As pretty as the pictures and EXACTLY like the pictures. Very pleased.This is a great productPosted by Joe on 6th Jun 2018This is a great productbody very sexyThe package arrived body very sexy. She was so beautiful and realistic.Doll was delivered fast and on time.Posted by Phillip on 29th Apr 2018Doll was delivered fast and on time.KIM is amazing.She is very nice. Love to have her Thank you so much ZldollThose big melons complement her shape.Posted Any sexdoll uploaded a video 1 month ago 359 Do all dolls have both heating and sound options Most of our dolls offer both heating and sound options. You can choose a doll with both functions or simply choose one or the other.Which areas will heat up All areas will heat up with the exception of the head neck breasts hands and feet.Can I order a doll with both heating and oral functions Yes you can. All oral heads have the option to add both heating and sound. The one exception is head A25 which we can only offer with heating and sound or with heating and oral.Are standing options available for all dolls Standing options are available for all dolls that are within the 140cm to 170cm range.Are the heads interchangeable Dolls heads without heat and sound features are interchangeable with each other. However those that have either of these features are not. Interchanging these heads will result in the loss of sound and heating.Whats the difference between the builtin and removable vaginas Both have the same feeling and appearance although builtin vaginas are more robust and should last longer. Removable vaginas however are easier to clean.What are the free options Skin color wigs eye color and nails are free op REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.Rendered by PID 113115 on app37 at 20180628 202534.8123260000 running 11407a3 country code GB. Anysex video collection is continuously improved to satisfy any sex fetish. Our best sex videos starring Asian teens getting wild with various sex toys sultry housewives cheating on their husbands with black guys and bootylitious porn queens fucking on the pro level. Is it still not enough to make your cock explode like a volcano Check out our tremendous collection of the best porn models starring in hot sex HD scenes. 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